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Measuring Chain Size

Buying custom length chains (for necklaces, bracelets, and anklets) can be sometimes tricky. How to determine your perfect size (length)? Here is the easy way to do it:

You will need a thin piece of rope or measurement tape or at least a thin strip of paper of the appropriate length.

1). Wrap it up around your neck (wrist, ankle, etc), depending on what you are buying.

2). Try to make it comfortable, imagining how the real jewelry will fit.

3). Then measure that piece with a ruler or measurement tape to find out your perfect length.

Please note, that the clasp is included in length. So, remember, while measuring your length, that when you close the chain around your neck (wrist, ankle, etc.), it will be a little bit shorter, because of clasp. (only applies to square fold over clasps)