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                             White or Yellow Gold?

I am often asked which is more popular WHITE or YELLOW GOLD? The answer lies within each person's styles, tastes and whims. Your affinity may be fluid, ever-changing, ever evolving and ever-collecting.
Arguably, WHITE GOLD & PLATINUM have been the "Hot" trend since the early 1990's for wedding jewelry and more. Elegant & Classic, many of today's women are still choosing this cool colored metal.

However, YELLOW GOLD has been back in "Vogue" in high fashion pieces for a number of years. Check the runways and you will see, in force, the YELLOW GOLD insurgency. Not just one o
r two simple items, but in multiple pieces and sizes. "More is More"...The Bohemian look of multi pairing of necklaces, rings and bracelets is definitely in!


Beyond the obvious WHITE & YELLOW GOLD, there are other colors which are mentioned very infrequently.

ROSE GOLD has been a trend for many years. Although mostly seen in tri-color pieces, don't think ROSE GOLD is best left in its trio form. The Pink Color Gold is being welcomed on the scene paired with White Gold, or simply standing on its own.
It's a natural with Pink Sapphires, Pink Topaz or Pink Diamonds.


What I have loved since the late 80's, and it isn't seen much outside of high-end designer pieces, is GREEN GOLD.  GREEN GOLD is dullish, subdued, pale hued and purely sublimed. I can't quite put my finger on why it holds my appeal, maybe because it is so different. Maybe because Green Gold doesn't shout, but somehow still lets you know it is special.

Among the new crop of colors which are springing on the market is CHOCOLATE GOLD. Yes, and it is utterly yummy! Simply by name alone this is a pleaser! Brown being the new black makes this a great option to add to your jewelry wardrobe. Warm and stunning, it looks great with Smokey Topaz, Quartz, Chocolate Diamonds, Citrines, etc.

And even more colors are right on the color horizon, including blue, purple and black.

So why limit yourself to just one color of gold?  Why not join the trend I have been endorsing for a number of years; multiple number of engagement/wedding rings. Try one each in the gold color of your choice. So when you are dressing and notice your shoes have silver detailing as does the jacket, dress or blouse, you go with the WHITE GOLD/PLATINUM. When you're in the mood for YELLOW, you bring out your YELLOW GOLD set.

I still haven't thought of a creative marketing technique to get the dude, who just shelled out two months salary, to buy into another two month investment. None the less, I always tell my male customers, having been carefully led to the point of buying that all important ring, that this is only the beginning of their jewelry buying, not the end.