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Paspaley Pearls

NiceVixenGems is proud to carry many products produced by the Paspaley Pearling Company.

Every great company in history can point to a source of inspiration that set it on course for success. For the Paspaley Pearling Company, that inspiration was the late Nicholas Paspaley Senior MBE (1913– 1984). Fleeing the Greek island of Castellorizo during World War I, the Paspaley family arrived in search of a new life in Australia in 1919. They decided to try their chances at their ship's first port of call in Australia, Cossack on the Indian Ocean coast of Western Australia.

In this remote part of the world, the Paspaleys were among a handful of Europeans living in the area with the traditional Aboriginal inhabitants and Asian pearl fishers. Running water, electricity and government services were unknown luxuries at that time. When the Paspaleys arrived in this remote part of Australia, it was one of the few viable industries in the area, so it was natural that this was the challenging trade Nicholas Paspaley would learn.

Starting his working life at just 14 years of age, by 1932, at the age of 18, he was at the helm of his own pearling lugger, diving for shell that fulfilled most of the global demand for button making.

For those of you unable to vist their boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Broome, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Hong, you can view many of their incredible pearl products on our web-site.