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3501D 14KT Rose Gold & Pink Sapphire & White DiamondSlide Pendant

Price: $699.99

14KT Rose Gold & Pink Sapphire & White Diamond Slide Pendant

Measures 16 mm x 20 mm

Pink Saphires are approximately .75 carat weight  

Diamonds are approximately .20 CW

3-D heart

Great combo of the Pink Gold and the Pretty Pink Sapphires

If you are a lover of Pink, this is for you!

Fits up to a 2 mm Necklace

Multi-open gallery back makes the Pink Sapphires appear  to "Lite-Up"

Looks great on smaller, flat chains, snake chains and on rubber/leather cords

Would be smashing on a pink leather/rubber cord

Rose Gold is a very popular, trendy metal right now, which is pink in appearance. If you are looking for a chain for this item, let us know and we can suggest a few...

This items is also made in Chocolate Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Red Ruby and Black Diamond

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