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0798N Sterling Silver Pendant Bail Enhancer Slide Interchangeable

Price: $29.99
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Sterling Silver Pendant Bail Enhancer Slide Interchangeable 

Great Versatile Piece
Round Enhancer
Fits up to 7 mm
925 Sterling Silver
Weighs .70 Grams
Measures 11 mm w/ hoop
Measures 10 mm around (OD)
2.2 mm in Thickness
Tiny Hoop Measures approx 1.3 mm
Fits Easily on a 7 mm Omega Necklace, or other thick style necklace. 
But, also great on smaller, & any size pearls/beads...Fits in between the knots
This item allows you to add your own pendants that have smaller bails onto necklaces such as wide Herringbones, Omegas & pearls/beads, that usually you cannot wear those pendants with.
Works best with pendants that have a "O" ring style bail, or an open piece themselves, or use in conjunction w/ a split ring. (one will be provided)
A Split-Ring works like a key chain ring, where you would work the pendants onto the split ring, as like you would keys on a key chain.
A must have for any jewelry wardrobe. Make use of all your jewelry with this piece!
(charms shown on pendant enhancer, not included, nor are the necklaces)
Please check out our other jewelry items, we have several styles of these handy enhancers, each work a little differently with varying styles of necklaces.

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