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0755N Sterling Silver Pearl Shortener Enhancer

Price: $29.99

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Sterling Silver 925 High Polished Pearl Shortener/Enhancer 



Oval shaped flat edge shortener clasp

Outside measures 22 MM x 17.2 MM; Inside measures 18 x 13 MM

Sturdy item comes in two sizes, this is the LARGER.

Buy AMERICAN MADE and be assured that your items are LEAD-FREE!

This is a great piece to use for shortening the length of beaded Necklaces such as Pearls and chain link style Necklaces. You can use as an Enhancer and hang pendants on it, as long as the bails of your pendant can fit onto the ring or with use with a split ring

Great for adding to a length of a Necklace. Use this device on the clasp of a link style Necklace, as the clasp, and it instantly adds 3/4 " of an inch 

Item can be used on costume jewelry where the clasp is broken to make it useable once again

Made of solid Sterling Silver. Just lock in, securely snap closed and latch with a safety

Great must have jewelry item!  

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